Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for First Episode Psychosis (CBTfep): July 14, 21 and 28, 2022

Training Location: Zoom Meeting

Webcam, Headphones and Speakers are required for participation.

Session Details: July 14, 21 and 28, 2022 (takes place over 3 weeks)

12:00pm-3:30pm CST

Trainer: Lauren Gonzales, PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for First Episode Psychosis (CBTfep) is based on the original CBT assertion of, how you think leads to changes in how you feel and what you do. However, CBTfep focus adds to this understanding by helping to reduce the distress caused by positive symptoms, including hallucinations and unusual thoughts/delusions. In CBTfep training, clinicians learn how to help the individuals they work with interpret the event that causes distress rather than the event itself, then check the accuracy of the interpretation. CBTfep also teaches to investigate how current behaviors may be maintaining the problem, and to check the helpfulness of those behaviors. CBTfep also targets: Symptoms of depression and anxiety, Past traumatic events, Social skills, Negative symptoms including lack of motivation, Problem solving and decision making, Developing coping skills and Relapse prevention planning. The research evidence base will also be reviewed during this training.

This training will be conducted as a hybrid to include the following (all CEUs provided by Dr. Sally Riggs):

• 9-modules of pre-requisite eLearning (6 hours of CEUs)

• Three 3.5-hour virtual training (9 hours of CEU) – eLearning module homework will be required in between each of the virtual trainings. You must complete the eLearning modules prior to each of the live 3.5-hour trainings.

Please note you must successfully complete and pass all eLearning modules to receive Continuing Education credit.

You must register to receive access to the 9-module pre-requisite that must be completed two weeks before virtual training. Eligible registrants will be provided with access to the 9-module eLearning course 1 month prior to the 3-day virtual training.

After the 3-day virtual training, participants are invited to take part in (7) 45-minute consultation calls with Dr. Sally Riggs. These small group consultation calls are highly recommended as you learn this new technique and there is no fee for the calls. Consultation calls do not result in certification but can be used to work towards accreditation. A certificate of completion for consultation calls is issued for those who participate.


Registrants must hold minimum of a master’s degree and basic CBT knowledge to register for this training.

Technology Requirements: Webcam, Headphones AND Speakers.


• Completion of the 9-module eLearning course two weeks before the 3-day virtual training

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