Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) Level 1 Training -March 5-6, 2019

Training Location: Metrocare Services - Mustang Room located at 1345 River Bend, Dallas, TX 75247

MDFT is a comprehensive, compassion and respect-based family therapy that is primarily used for working with adolescents struggling with substance use and related problem behaviors. MDFT focuses on eliminating substance use and the behaviors that often accompany it such as delinquency, aggressive behaviors, crime and problems in school and the home. The therapy promotes change within the adolescent, within the adolescent’s parents, the family system and the family’s involvement in the community. MDFT has 30years of research supporting it as an Evidenced Based Therapy and has been implemented in over 100 public and private settings in the US, Canada, and Europe to improve: treatment engagement, family functioning, substance abuse, school performance, criminal and delinquent behavior, family stability and mental health symptoms related to their behavioral problems. MDFT is a versatile therapy that can be implemented in a variety of levels of care including drug abuse and mental health inpatient and outpatient settings, juvenile justice systems, child welfare settings, and more.

This 2-day training is an introduction to basic MDFT principles and interventions to provide attendees with skills to implement in their clinical work; however, does not provide certification in MDFT. The focus will be on youth and family engagement and how to conduct parent and family sessions.

29 seats available.
Price: $100.00