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ANSA-CANS Super User Virtual Training: July 10-11, 2024

This two-day virtual training will enhance the knowledge of certified users by developing skills in using the instrument(s) to engage individuals in care, translate identified needs into treatment/recovery goals, and monitor outcomes at the individual and local level. The CANS/ANSA local expert trainings will target team leads, supervisors or staff members who will be designated as the “Local Expert” in CANS or ANSA. Both the ANSA and CANS will be covered within this two-day Zoom training. This virtual training is intended for those seeking Super User status, not for those who are already Super Users.

DO NOT REGISTER for this training if you only need to complete the ANSA or CANS online certificate training.

Pre-training: Participants must be certified at the trainer level by achieving a certification score of 0.80 or higher on the online ANSA or CANS. This should be done on

Prerequisites: Prior to the LIVE 2-day virtual Super User training, all participants are required to complete and submit the following 2 items. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THE 2 ITEMS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE TRAINING. Please upload both to your Centralized Training account no later than Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

1) Certification at the Trainer Level. Achieve a certification score of .80 or higher on the CANS or ANSA. This should be done on For coupon codes, please email the Praed Foundation directly at Bring a copy of your completion certificate.

2) Type your Trainer Introduction: Please type an “Introduction to TCOM and the ANSA or CANS” (elevator speech). This should be short and in your own words that help your audience understand why it is important to use the CANS or ANSA and the link between TCOM and the ANSA or CANS. Key concepts to include are: collaboration, shared vision, consensus building, communimetrics. These introductions will be presented in small groups during the LIVE training and then submitted in writing as part of your credentialing materials.

Training Materials: All will be available on the Praed Foundation Collaborative Training Website (TCOM) which may require a second registration.

NOTE: Centralized Training does NOT oversee Praed Foundation Collaborative Training Website. For questions or concerns regarding ANSA or CANS online only certification available on Praed Foundation Collaborative Training Website please contact the Praed Foundation via email: To become certified as a ANSA or CANS SuperUser you must attend a face to face training. For SuperUser (face to face) training, please see the training calendar available on this website for any upcoming workshops.

Cancellations, Substitutions and Refunds Policy:

Live In Person/Virtual Trainings:

• A colleague may be substituted at no extra charge if Centralized Training is notified at least two business days before the training.

• Requests for refunds for an in-person/virtual workshop must be received 72 hours prior to the workshop.

Self-Paced Online Trainings:

• No refunds are offered for self-paced online trainings.

Please forward detailed requests regarding this training to CTI Helpdesk at

Training Location: Zoom Meeting
Webcam and audio are required for participation.
9:00am-4:00pm CST
Ari Acosta, MSc
CEUs offered: 9 hours

Registration will open 4-6 weeks before training date.

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