Family Partner Certification Virtual Training: October 24-28, 2022

Training Location: Zoom Meeting

Webcam and audio are required for participation.

9:00am-4:30pm CST

Trainers: Angie Jackson, Master Level CFP, MBA, Certified Parent Coach, National Trainer and Shea Meadows, Master Level CFP, MHPS, PSS

This virtual training is being sponsored by HHSC Peer and Recovery Services Programs. Family Partners have priority for this training.

A Certified Family Partner (CFP) is a parent or guardian who has lived experience raising a child with behavioral health challenges and who has at least one year successfully navigating a child serving system. The CFP is trained to use this lived experience to help other parents and guardians for the purpose of assisting with navigation of a child serving system, providing education, and instilling hope throughout the recovery process. CFPs offer a variety of important and helpful services for families, such as introducing the family to the mental health treatment process, modeling advocacy skills, providing information, making referrals, providing skills training and helping to identify supports for the child and family. These services are not provided directly to the child, but to the primary caregivers of the child. The Family Partner (FP) Certification Training is a 5-day virtual course conducted via Zoom. The training will be an intense, interactive, and fun-filled week spent exploring learning objectives to prepare participants for the Certification Exam on Day 5 of training. Successful completion of this training and passing the final Certification Exam is required to apply to become a Certified Family Partner with the Texas Certification Board (TCB).

This virtual training is intended only for those seeking Family Partner Certification status, not for those that are already certified.

Eligibility Requirements

• Applicants must be age 18 or older.

• Applicants must be a high school graduate or have completed a G.E.D.

• Applicants should be the parent or Legal Authorized Representative (LAR) of a child/youth with behavioral health needs and have at least one year of experience navigating a child-serving system.

• Applicants must be willing to publicly identify as a parent or caregiver with lived experience parenting a child with behavioral health needs.

• Applicants must complete the FP Certification Training application. The FP Certification Training Application is made available to you on your Centralized Training account once you have registered.

• Applicants must complete a pre-training phone call from one of our trainers to confirm eligibility.

Please note that acceptance is not guaranteed.

Upon successful completion of the 5-day virtual training, evaluation and passing the Final Certification exam applicants earn a certificate of completion.