Preventing a Return to Substance Use: Skills to Help Maintain Sobriety During Difficult Times Virtual : August 10, 2021

Training Location: Zoom Meeting

Webcam and audio are required for participation.

This virtual training is being sponsored by the HHSC Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Programs. SUD contractors have priority for this training.

Those living with co-occurring substance use and behavioral health disorders are at risk for resuming substance use. The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted traditional treatment and self-help modalities preventing individuals from connected to skills to maintain recovery during tough times. This presentation will review current triggers individuals face while identifying signs that counselors can look for in individuals who are struggling with their recovery. Participants will have an opportunity to review clinical skills to help prevent an individual from resuming substance use. Finally, participants will review skills to help an individual to reengage in treatment if the individual does resume substance use.