Permanent Supportive Housing Days 1 and 2 - May 29-30, 2019

Training Location: Community Connections located at 501 Pine Tree Rd., U-7 Library Room in Longview, TX 75604

This Regional 2 day in-person workshop held in Longview, TX covers a variety of topics. Please see the topics below for Days 1 and 2. If you have already participated in a PSH training covering the Day 1 Topics, we suggest you attend only Day 2 which concentrates on implementation of PSH within your agency/community. Registration for only Day 2 of this training is available. Do not register for both days of the training if you are only attending the 2nd day.


This 2-day training event provides a comprehensive overview of PSH, including the evidence supporting the practice and common implementation issues. Day 1 is designed for people new to the practice of PSH, including staff and administrators of new programs or new staff within existing programs. Core elements of PSH, the evidence supporting the program, accessing housing resources and basic fidelity measures are included in Day 1. Day 2 explores barriers to high-fidelity implementation, including supporting choice in both housing and services. Attendance at Day 2 is appropriate for both new initiatives and experienced program staff.

Day 1 Topics

1. Define PSH

2. List at least five core elements of PSH

3. Navigate to three websites helpful for choosing and getting housing resources

4. Describe the importance of fidelity and at least three fidelity dimensions

Day 2 Topics

1. Identify common barriers to implementation and strategies to address those barriers

2. Describe the use of Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) and WRAP in supporting choice

3. List at least two strategies for working with landlords

4. Define reasonable accommodation as a tool for supporting housing choice

25 seats available.
Price: $0.00