Illness Management and Recovery Recertification


You may take this recertification course ONLY if you have previously completed the full IMR online course or completed the in-person training with Harry Cunningham. If you were trained at your local Center you are not eligible to take this recertification course unless you first complete the full IMR course, which is still available here on

The Course

This refresher course contains four modules and is estimated to take 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. A 5-question quiz appears at the end of each module. Like the original online course, you must pass the quiz at 80% to continue with the training.

Please Note

  • This is intended to be a brief refresher course and does not take the place of the initial IMR online or in-person training.
  • This does meet HHSC requirement of yearly IMR recertification.
  • You must turn on the audio/speakers on your computer to complete this course. Do not attempt to take this training if your computer does not have audio.
Price: $25.00